Knock Down My Walls
by James Cucinella

Father in heaven, I’m so sick of listening to my own voice. Enter into me and cast out the superfluous clutter, the spiritual chaos. Knock down my walls. Reach for my rigid heart, surrendered with its defenses of self-righteousness and invulnerability; and break into it. Turn the hardness of my heart into warmth and softness, so that it may beat in harmony with your rhythm. Deliver me from pretentiousness, aloofness, coldness and fear. Let me dare to be vulnerable and naked in your sight. I am a fool to pretend that I’ve got my act together. Your Son can peer right through a peephole like me. Let his eyes pierce me now. I shall not be afraid of his scrutiny because I know that behind it is love. Let me be touched by his love, deeply today, open and vulnerable. Oh Father, I throw myself on the fire of your love. I trust you to purify and rebuild me. Oh help me, Father, I need renewal. Amen


©1989 James Cucinella

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