I've always wondered what it will be like when I finally meet Jesus.

There are stories about how He is full of light.
There are also stories that He is all love, knowledge and glory and when we finally do see Him, we will fall to our knees because of His Majesty.

Will He understand me more than I understand myself?
Knowing everything about me, will He still love and forgive my confused soul?

Well, that’s what they say.

At times, I wonder if it will be true.
But when I see a young child smile with hope in a harsh world, or a kind gesture done to a person who others shun, I know that Jesus has far more love, compassion and grace than even the most generous human soul.

And I pray one day to be able to rise above myself and maybe touch another person as Jesus has touched me and say,
“Don’t give up. He is walking along with you.
You just have to look up to see His face.”


- Anonymous

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