I was wondering…
by Mario Gerada

I was wondering
about Jesus’ eyes
on His first birthday,
about Mary’s joy
when Jesus started to walk,
about Him child
being fascinated
by the desert
by the sky.

I was wondering
about who were
Jesus’ childhood friends,
about His adolescent years,
if He ever caused worry to Mary,
what Mary and Joseph said
when Jesus fell asleep.

I was wondering
about Jesus as a young man,
how he spent His days,
what inspirations He might felt,
what visions He might had,
if He ever discussed His life with friends,
if He ever desired to run away.

I was wondering about Jesus
who loved us so much
to become man
and die for us
‘cause He loved us so much.

I was wondering about Jesus
who loves us so much
and is still alive,
loving us very much.


© 2007 Mario Gerada


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