Integrity and Compassion

Sometimes my parents used to hurt me
There were times later on when I
           didn’t have enough to eat
Or a place to stay
Or someone to talk to
Finally I ended up completely alone
A stranger to myself
With nowhere to go
Incapable of asking for help
And I reached a point in my life
When I couldn’t go on any longer
I gave up because
I could not find any solutions to
           life’s problems
I decided not to continue
Now I cannot feel that way at all
I cannot believe that I ever felt
           so alone
When anyone else stumbles down
           that short road to nowhere
I do my very best to help and
           to care
Because they are me, and I am them
We are not without worth or
Sometimes I become confused
And forget to honor the subtleties
           and niceties of polite society
Because survival, concern, and
Are more important to me


©2005 John Montin

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