help Lord
by Chad Gurley

help me Dear Lord as i search and seek You
i feel alone in some ways as i wonder if there are those that understand me
some do
yet i remain so afraid that i can hardly see
what is wrong with me
oh help me Lord
i feel You here and i know You are working great things
and i am so blessed
You are so good to me
what more do i need to see
oh help me Lord
help me
there are times when i wonder if the world is crashing in on me
i wonder if this is the last day i'll see
i worry that i've been less than you want me to be
and i shouldn't
you love me
no matter what
oh Lord just understand
that i'm just trying so hard to do as You said
yet i am human, i fail
and further i'm being mean to myself
and that isn't much help
help me Lord
oh help me Lord


© 2004 Chad Gurley

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