Goodbye to Her

by Kari Morris


I tried to say goodbye to her

closing up my soul

I tried to bow to words on pages

black and white

made whole

yet freedom was a wolf

and its fur was suffocating

I started choking on its sweat

as churches kept debating.

Both sides right

Both sides wrong

Both sides always preaching

Both sides fruit

Both sides love

the other side impeaching.

I didn’t want to scream or yell

I didn’t want a float

I didn’t want to Bible thump

or cram Christ down a throat.


In the end I’d lost my poetry

my way with words

my gaze

It all was vacuumed up into

this crazy warring haze.

Lots of facts

Lots of truth

Lots of who says what

Lots of science

Lots of grammar

Lots to go on


I tried to say goodbye to her

wound up misplacing me

I want Your Love

I want Your peace

help me to be free.

If free asks me to hide

so be it

You’re there in my seams

if free upsets a side

so be it

I don’t live for screams.

© 2004 Kari Morris

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