God Sees Me
by Kari Morris

God sees me.
I have His full attention.
He is mesmerized
by every blink
every exhale
every quirk-
even the odd way that I twist my hair.
I don’t have to make a sign
or yell
or stand on a tall chair
or wear bright, neon colors.
If I were 4,000 miles underground
If I became a grain of sand
If I floated about as a vapor
If I were invisible-
feel invisible-
am invisible-
God sees me.
He doesn’t mind if I have gas
or ask too many questions
or sing in front of the bathroom mirror
or if my legs are prickly
or even if I hate Him sometimes.
Even if I was convinced
He’d left
and missed a moment or two
when I was wounded-
and needed someone to hug me.
I am not alone.
Nor have I ever been.
For I hold in my hands
the proof-
the greatest treasure of all-
the part of myself that always knows-
God sees me.


© 2006 Kari Morris

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