by Mario Gerada

I See

I see women and men,
caught up in the whirlpool of their own desires,
needs, fears and wishes for safety.
Patterns impinging upon the present,
anger which shows up its dark face in everyday struggles,
battering, bruises, tears, hysteria,
mental illness, afflictions, poverty and dirt,
void houses, dirty abodes,
people engulfed in the darkest of clouds,
men caught up in lustful desires,
unbridled, uncontrolled.

I see a society made up of people
who have no clue where are they heading,
what this life means.
I see souls lost to their own passions,
desires, anger, hurt, pain, vindication,
whirlpools upon whirlpools taking up souls,
swallowing people up more and more,
levels of anger,
of hatred and pain,
deeper and deeper,
always moving downwards
pulling people below,
children crying,
people turning people into money,
fear, fear, fear,
I see women caught up between the feelings of their love
and their need to survive,
sexual lust,
driving people to pain, violence and death.
capturing people and souls to that land of raw desires.

I Hear

I hear atrocious stories,
of men and women
venting out their anger on each other,
venting out their raging
destructive forces upon each other,
children used,
men who abuse
women violently threatening,
children trying to manipulate
their parents to survive.
Stories that are unbelievable,
stories that make me cry,
stories that make me wonder about this life.
I hear cries,
I hear pain,
I hear the outcome of threats.
I hear of lives which have been shattered
I hear of children who died,
I hear of women who died,
I hear of men who died,
I hear of stories which are tragic,
I hear of this raw world for which Christ has died.

I Smell

I smell the smell
of the sweat of hurt,
of people in anger and rage,
I smell the smell of dirty dwellings,
of people too tired to keep their residence clean.
I smell the smell of love
which keeps people united,
I smell the smell of hatred
which pulls people to drown.

I Feel

I feel the isolation upon my skin,
I feel the lack of the loving touch upon this world,
I feel the fear and worry,
I feel the burden upon my skin,
I feel the fear of being trapped in these forceful whirlpools,
I feel the drives which lead others to destruction,
I feel the fear which paralyse,
I feel the anger which destroys relationships,
I feel the jealousy which drives people apart,
I feel the pleasures which make people seek more,
I feel the nervousness and tiredness which make relationships end,
I feel the burnout which makes people inefficient in their hopes,
I feel like wondering
like a lost soul
who’s in touch with God. 

I Taste

I taste the taste of bitterness,
the taste of death in my mouth,
the taste of being drained of all energies,
the taste of fear,
the taste of having one’s thoughts unclear.
I taste the taste of solitude
which now is taking too long,
the taste of being unloved which now is getting beyond,
the taste of hardships
of a world
which at times I am growing to detest,
I taste the taste of becoming bitter
cause sometimes I have nothing left,
the taste of rotten experiences
the taste of pathetic feelings.

I taste a life which sometimes
does not taste good.


© 2018 Mario Gerada

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