I drink and drink and drink
To forget You
I sleep and sleep and sleep
So I don't have to think

When Your body broke
Crumbs fell
To the ground

I collect nameless sins
Into pockets
And drown

These are days of awe
When trees outlive lovers

Damned be the world!

I leave You
All that I have
All that I ever will be
A legacy

But don't forget that
I only exist for You
And I give Him my life
As a living sacrifice

Forever... until I die.


 ©2009 Clifford Rivera

Cliff is a Queer-Paytan currently residing in Ginsberg's Rockland. His Y-shuik piyyutim have appeared in The Matthew's House Project, Sojourners Magazine, The Other Journal, Infuze Magazine, Bohemian Alien, Blackmail Press, and Giant Revolution.

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