Where are the words,
dear Lord?
Is there nothing to say?
I am in some pain
over my letter to my friends
and family
about my being gay
and my position on gay marriage.
I do not want to hurt my parents.
I do not want to cause them pain.
I don't understand
what my life is all about,
and sometimes I become confused
and doubtful of my existence.
Oh Lord,
my God,
please guide
and direct me.
Help me dear Lord
as I search and seek You.
Lift me from this melancholy
and help me to be joyful
at last.
For so long I have searched
for joy,
and ever always
it seems just beyond my reach.
Is it my duty or destiny
to suffer
in this life?
I am confused
and worried.
Be with me,
my dear Father.
Comfort me,
Your child.
I am lost.
Find me.
Draw me near
to Your heart.
In Jesus Christ's Name
I pray.
Love, Chad


© 2009 Chad Gurley

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