Nazareth House (Bahay Nazareth) is an ecumenical house of hospitality rooted in the spirit of the worldwide Catholic Worker Movement founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in 1933. We seek to embody the Gospel ideals of unceasing prayer, corporal and spiritual works of mercy, which include acts of non-violent peace and justice, solidarity with the poor, radical hospitality, and life in community. Located in Manila, Philippines, we are not a social service or a registered charitable institution, nor a not for profit corporation but simply a group of Christians who feel called to an apostolic ministry of providing shelter to persons living with HIV or AIDS who do not have adequate financial means for housing, and who are unable to secure assistance from any source. We are LGBTQI friendly.


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"What we do is very little, but it is like the little boy with a few loaves and fishes. Christ took that little and increased it. He will do the rest. What we do is so little we may seem to be constantly failing. But so did He fail. He met with apparent failure on the Cross. But unless the seed fall into the earth and die, there is no harvest. And why must we see results? Our work is to sow. Another generation will be reaping the harvest."  - Dorothy Day (The Catholic Worker)



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