The Miracle

There once was a man who was born with a facial disfigurement. As a child, adults and children stared at him and said things. In his teens he retreated into his home, avoiding all people and keeping to himself. When his parents died he was all alone.

The man decided to pray to God for a miracle to change his face which had made his life so very difficult. The man ventured out and went to the church to pray for a miracle. He prayed everyday for a very long time, but it seemed as though God didn't hear him.

After many years of praying, the man finally stopped pleading for God to make his face different but instead, accepted his fate and thanked God for all that he did have. The bitterness, sadness and isolation that he had harbored for so long had faded and he decided never to complain again.

Just as he finished this prayer, a woman came up to him and said that she had seen him in the church everyday and asked how he dealt with the difficulties of his life being the way he looked and she removed her scarf to reveal she had a similar disfigurement on her face.

That day the man’s prayer was answered. His face hadn't changed, but his heart did and because of that, he was no longer alone.


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