Won by Love
by Dipo Olatade

"Behold what manner of love the Father has given unto us, that we should be called the sons of God. Therefore, the world will know us not, because it knew him not." - 1st John 3:1

Dear readers, do you know that LOVE is the language of heaven? Love goes much more than what we think or imagine. Unfortunately, many of us find it so difficult to say "I love you". The excuse some of us may give is "Must I say it? At least, my expression will show it." This is not enough. You have to say it.

When you show the kind of love God shows to you by giving you grace and mercy and his loving kindness, the glory of God will radiate all over your life and people will be attracted to God in your life because you show love. Love is the language of heaven.

Every one of us needs to at least say something lovable to others because that is what many of them want to hear. Someone that loves them with true love.

As Godís child, you must train yourself not only to demonstrate love through your actions, but also speak its language.

Love is joy. Love is peace. Love is patience. Love is kindness. Love is goodness. Love is gentleness. Love is self-control. Love is God and God is Love.

Beloved, when Christ Jesus fills your heart and your life, it will be very easy to talk love. The question now is this, HAS JESUS FILLED YOUR HEART AND YOUR LIFE?

You are a product of the love of God. When you start thinking this way, you will see others through the eyes of love.

You will see them the way God sees them, as precious and valuable and special. You will learn to say, "I LOVE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS." I didnít say lust, but true love, not out of weakness but that love is the greatest force in the universe. Learn to speak the language of love always.

When you are treated badly by your friends or the society, learn to forgive quickly and refuse to respond with harsh bitter words. Learn to tell them, "I FORGIVE YOU IN JESUS NAME AND I LOVE YOU BACK IN JESUS NAME". You are a love child of a loving God (our Father) therefore, let your words be full of love.

Till then, I remain yours,
Dipo Olatade

© 2012 Dipo Olatade

Dipo Olatade is a Nigerian, third born from four children of his parents. A writer, a theatre practitioner, a gay Christian. He finished from the Pencil and Film Television Institute, Lagos, Nigeria and the National Institute of Information Technology, Lagos, Nigeria. He is presently with Pyramid Cinemas, a stage theatre troop in Lagos, Nigeria and a correspondent with Praise the Lord News, Lagos, Nigeria.  


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