Why Me?

Why was I born? Why is my life so difficult? Why do things always happen to me? I don't understand. We all have questions for God about our life, our circumstances and His purpose for us.

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, all of us were born differently from each other - male, female, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, intersexual and even nonsexual and each into different cultures, racially, ethnically, rich or poor with individual physical variations – tall, short, weak or strong, blond, brunette, right brained, left brained, fair or dark, healthy or handicapped.

And we are also born different on the inside. Some of us are content and happy no matter what happens to us, while others are anxious, fearful and sad even in joyful times.  And still there are those who are born into situations that are less than ideal, some with abuse, chaos and misfortune. Each of us has different temperaments and ways of seeing things. And we each have our own talents and gifts along with our flaws and weaknesses.

All of these various components mold and affect who we are on the outside and the inside.

Some of us seem to breeze through life attaining everything we want, while many of us suffer pain, tragedy, frustration and loss, cornering us into anger, fear, resentment, depression, anxiety and longing.

Why was I born this way? Why is this happening to me? Why did God make me like this? Why didn't God bless me like He did others? Why is life so unfair?

Well, understand that there is no one who has a trouble-free life.

All of us have thorns in our life that are painful and frustrating, stealing our joy and preventing us from moving forward. It could be a break up, a divorce, a rejection, a tragedy, an illness, an accident, a loss...there is so much that can devastate and stop us in our tracks. No one is untouched. All it takes is one very bad situation that will send any person into a downward spiral. Though we all try to control the situations in our life, we just can't control everything, especially pain.

Many of us blame God, others or ourselves for our less than perfect life. We don't understand, yet we have to blame someone.

But why? Why do things go wrong even though I pray and pray and pray? We ask God to help us yet God seems silent. We struggle with our faith and just wish our problems to be whisked away, yet we still suffer.

Most of us have experienced a broken heart and each of us reacts differently. Some of us forge ahead to keep our hearts open so we can love again while others of us close our hearts, deciding never to love or trust again, which unfortunately only leads to a darker, sadder future.

Some of us have a difficult person in our life who we can't escape from, who drives us crazy and pushes us to anger. Or a person who has rejected us and our heart aches continuously. Or a person who has died who we miss so much that it has left an empty hole in our soul.

Each of us has something that is killing us.

Well one thing we need to realize is that God has us in the palms of His hands and He loves us tremendously. He knows all about us and He has a plan specifically designed for us to help us be better people in Him. He has special things He wants to teach us and His concern is for our eternal soul.

But that means He has to show us things we don't want to see, take us to places where we don't want to go, and teach us things that we can only know through great difficulty.

Troubles, trials and tribulations are there to purify our heart and we only learn through experiences. But experiences can be painful.

With each difficulty comes a great reward, and it is us who determines whether we grow from our experiences or fall backwards into a pit by the choices we make. Everything in this life is there to bring us closer to God and each other. But each time we fail, the same situation arises again and again until we learn.

We all must endure struggle and pain, but it is what we do with that pain that matters. Are we able to grow from our experiences or do we cry, complain and curse God.

Jesus compares us to children and baby chicks, (Matthew 18:1-5, Luke 13:34b ) which means He has high hopes for us to follow in His footsteps to conquer our difficulties together with Him.

God wants us to trust Him, live in hope and learn to love. All He asks is that we do our best, and when we have overcome our difficulties, He asks us to help others who also struggle.

God's ways are the ways of Goodness, Truth and Love.

Talk to God and ask Him to teach you what you need to learn and ask Him for strength to overcome life's trials because each hurdle we conquer brings us closer to Him.


"These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world." - John 16:33

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance." - James 1:1,2

© 2016 Edrick

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