Where Do I Go From Here?

Following God is not easy. We seek His will in our lives and look to Him for guidance in everything we do, but most of the time, God doesn’t let us in on His secret plan for us, so we second guess what we think He wants and just sort of wing it on our own, following our heart wherever it takes us, hoping it will be the will of God. Of course we stumble through many obstacles and wonder if we are really on the right path or just trying to pass off our own desires as “His will” for us. How can we truly discern what God would have us do with our lives?

What should I do next? When will I find my dream job? Will I ever find someone to share my life with? Where will I retire? What will happen to me?

We all want the peace and security in knowing our future. We think we’re doing the right things, but we’re not sure. Are our efforts taking us in the right direction? Or are we hurtling toward the outer reaches of deep space at warp speed? We wish God would just make everything crystal clear for us, but He seems awful quiet about where we should go next and what we should do. The doors don’t seem to be opening up fast enough and it seems as if we’ve been standing in the same spot forever.

God hasn’t forgotten us, but a lot of the time it feels like it. We want to move in some sort of direction, but which way? That’s the thing about following the Lord is that He asks us to follow Him, but He doesn’t tell us where we will end up. It is a surprise. But when we follow the Lord, we discover it’s not about the destination, but about the journey itself and what happens along the way: who we meet, how we grow and what we need to do. There are a few things we need to keep in focus when searching for the Lord’s direction in our lives:

1. Keep your eyes on God.

As we serve God and seek His will, we need to stay focused on Him. Everything we do is for the Lord. We need to remember that He comes first. Hopefully our decisions and actions are for the glory of God and not ourselves. Honor God and give your life over to Him. In so doing, you give Him permission to speak to you and work freely in your life. When you hold on to what you think your life should be, you take your life into your own hands and if that is how you choose to live, you will probably end up in the middle of nowhere because as we all know, God doesn’t force Himself on anyone. But just as a driver without a map drives around in circles in the desert, so will you be when you decide not to listen to the Navigator.

2. Have the mind of Christ.

Think as the Lord thinks. Look at each situation and person with the mind of Christ. And what does that mean? That means every person you meet, every situation in your life and every event that occurs to you, is an opening for you to explore possibilities and potential. Everything in your life is there for a reason. Yes, everything.

Have some bad family relationships? Perhaps the Lord needs you to be a catalyst for family healing and only you have the faith and belief in the Lord to start the process. Or perhaps you’re stuck in a dead end job. Have you considered that God may want you in that boring job for a reason? Perhaps there’s a co-worker who the Lord would like you to meet who needs encouragement from you. Perhaps there’s a skill you will learn that you can later use for the Lord. You never know. And when you open yourself up to the service of the Lord, the possibilities of your life open up as well. For myself, I like to think that the Lord places people and events into my life as gifts that I need to find and open up. Usually there’s a surprise in store.

3. Talk To God.

Pray. Talk to God about your journey. Let Him know how you feel. He knows that you don't know what to do. He knows that you’re looking for a partner. He knows that your job doesn’t feel right to you. He knows about your disillusionment and discontent. And yes, He even knows that you doubt Him.

Start to listen for Him. He has things He wants to tell you and things He wants you to learn. Look for Him, ask Him to show you what He wants you to know. He will tell you, but you have to open your spiritual eyes and ears. He who has ears, let him hear.

4. Follow the Lord where He leads you.

The thing about following the Lord is that we rarely do it. We see the signs on the road, but are easily distracted and usually veer way off course. The Lord understands and is willing to give you a new set of directions from wherever you are. But as we set out to find our destinations we need to do the work of God along the way in order to stay on course: Living with honor and integrity. Forgiving those who have hurt you. Receiving the Love of God and passing it on to others. Standing against injustice yet standing up for peace. Letting go of the past and seeking God for the future. Loving our neighbors as ourselves.


5. Trust in the Lord.

When you submit to the Lord, you can now trust the Lord to bring you where He wants you to be, but you also need to have patience and faith that wherever you are, God wants you there for that time and there’s something He wants you to do, something He wants you to learn, someone He wants you to meet and something He wants to show you. Be patient. Listen to His voice. Look out for Him. Once you begin to listen, follow, and serve the Lord, you won’t have to worry about where you’re going…you’re already heading in the right direction.

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you” – Matt 6:33


© 2003, 2019 Edrick

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