Stuck in the Past

We all know someone who dresses in clothes from decades before, acts like they are still young, who can’t seem to embrace modern technology, believes in the old ways of doing things and remains nostalgic about how everything used to be. They're stuck in the past. Well, I’m not talking about these people exactly.

I’m talking about us. All of us.

Does hearing a song that reminds you of your past lover, send you down a deep hole of depression? Or if you couldn't express your anger at someone who hurt you in the past, do you take it out on everyone else now? Or do you get anxious if someone says or does something that reminds you of a dark period in your life?

All of us, in one way or another, holds onto the pain, fears, injuries, resentments and sad memories of years gone by. But not letting go of our past can prevent us from growing, healing and moving forward. There's a huge difference between reminiscing about fond memories and keeping alive your past pain and sufferings.

How many of us obsess about people from the past whom we no longer talk to or have contact with?

Or still bear the torment we received from those who criticized us, made fun of us or abused us?

Or carry the burden of our family who pushed and pulled us all over the place. Was it a screaming mother, an uncaring father, or a sibling who we couldn’t get along with?

Instead of letting go, we avoid people and situations to block out the possibility of the exact same scenarios repeating themselves.

And we have decided to never forgive those who hurt us, holding onto our resentment and anger. Even though some events happened decades ago, we will NEVER give in. We still hurl mental daggers at those who have burnt us. Never forgive. Never forget.

Our response to our past has changed our personalities to protect us from any future harm to our souls, but are these also making us callous and cold loners?

Some of us went from carefree spirits, to angry, suspicious recluses and our decision to never forgive is what will slowly kill us inside.

We don’t realize that by keeping alive our pain, we have succumbed to the persons who have maimed us.

They still have power over us.

So many of us who have loved and been hurt, struggle to form new relationships, because our fear of a repeat performance is the very reason we will sabotage any new relationships. So yes, if you treat new people as if he/she might be like the old people, then you will eventually drive them away. After all, would YOU want to enter into a relationship with someone who is untrusting, defensive, guarded and distant?

Family members especially have a way of being stuck in the past. Each family member knows how to push each other's buttons and falls into the same patterns of interacting as if it was 20 years ago, and if a family isn't in good shape, then they will NEVER come together until someone budges.

The fact is, we have all hurt each other in the past, we hurt each other now and we will hurt each other in the future.

It is a BAD CYCLE that we all CHOOSE to enter. We may live this same old way because we have become accustomed to how we have handled things, but aren't you a bit tired of living a life that goes nowhere? Nothing changes. Nothing ever gets better.

Ultimately we are the ones who decide if the past will continue to harm our future. As we get older, if we don't make a course change, things only get worse. But if we want to make things new, we have to give it all to Jesus.

Jesus came to take us out of the past to make everything new. He desires to heal us from the wounds and scars we've gathered along the way so we can start fresh. He more than anyone else wants you to live a blessed life. A life of real Love, real Joy and real Peace. And yes, it is more than just letting go. Some of us may need more time to recover, but Jesus understands and will stay with us through the healing process. He will be here with you during your struggles and He will lead you out of the darkness into new Life.

He only asks that you give EVERYTHING over to Him and to “FORGIVE” others as He has forgiven us. By forgiving us, Jesus has released us from the pain of the past, the pain we have kept alive all this time. He only asks that you also forgive those who have hurt you so there will be healing all the way around.

When we forgive, we release our past and all the pain, baggage and garbage that goes with it. Once we have released everything to Him, our hearts can be free to heal and start anew and we can finally learn to love again.

With Jesus, there is ALWAYS HOPE, because His Love can overcome anything and in His arms, you are His special child.


The past is over with. Give it to Jesus and start fresh with Him TODAY!

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” - 2 Corinthians 5:17


©2014 Edrick

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