Second Autumn

French philosopher Albert Camus once commented that ‘autumn is the second spring where every leaf is a flower’. Autumn is my favorite season. The landscape becomes a collage of yellow, red, brown, and orange. It also signals that the weather is getting cooler, which I like.

Thinking about Camus’ comment I can’t help but think that the day we became Christians, our second autumn was as a flower blossoming in a warm October day. God gave us another chance to live a life of thanksgiving, praise and service. The apostle Paul experienced a second autumn on the road to Damascus. I experienced a second autumn when I came out as transgender.

As transgender people we are beautiful flowers in a world that doesn’t always receive us or value us as human beings. One may think that life is fading away in autumn but in truth it’s bursting anew like a butterfly out of a cocoon.



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