The New Atheists and the Excuse That Science Kills God

So many young people today are turning away from the organized religions of their youth and declaring themselves to be atheists.

There are many reasons for this.

Growing up in mainstream churches, many young adults have started detaching from their parents and are at the age where they are exercising their right to believe what they want to believe and do what they want to do with their own lives.

Some have witnessed the hypocrisy, double standards and bigotry of their church pastors, priests, leaders and followers and have decided they don't believe in God...or at least in the god whom they are prescribing.

And many have been persuaded by the arguments made by scientists who say the world was created, evolved and exists without God. And young people hand over their faith and belief to them without any further research on their own because well, they don't understand scientific stuff so they leave it to the "experts".

And then there are those who don't believe because they can't see God and have never experienced they just don't believe. They believe in nothing.

Well let's unpack some of these.

With their whole lives ahead of them, many young people don't want to be confined, caged and told how to live, so they decide early on that God doesn't exist because to believe in God means you may have to change the way you live.

The lure is too great to do your own thing. Whether pursuing love, a career, money or happiness, people want to do it on their own terms. It's their time to explore what this life has to offer. It has always been like this through all generations since the beginning.

For those who grew up in church and have decided it is filled with phonies, well yes, there is and will always be hypocrites in the church. Church people are like any other people...flawed. Hypocrisy in the church doesn't mean there is something wrong with God. It just means that some of His followers are not exactly following Him. At the same time, the point of the Gospel is that God loves us as we are, faults and all. God is righteous, yet we are not. We are a work in progress. All He asks is that we try. But unfortunately for many, "One bad apple spoils the whole bunch."

And when we see Christians demonizing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, it is obvious that they are being self-righteous and unjust because we all sense in our hearts that a loving God would not discriminate against anyone. But because the churches are so adamant about it, it must be that the God they believe in cannot be real. So then, God must not exist because if He did, He would not be so hateful as these people.

Well there are hypocrites in the church because there are hypocrites everywhere, but there are also very good, humble, wonderful and loving people in the church who serve God and people faithfully. And though there are issues with the church, we still must search to find the true God who transcends above all of the church's nonsense and flaws.

One of the biggest reason young people are becoming atheists is because they believe in science. The goal of science is accumulating knowledge to explain how things operate and came about in the universe without God.

Of course one has to realize that science, for all practicality, CANNOT acknowledge any god. Why? Because which god do you pick from? We all know the Bible story about how God created the world in 7 days. But what about the Iroquois story of the creation of the world on a turtle's back? Or the Chinese Cosmic Egg?

The only way science can exist is if they leave out all the religions. All they can do is explain what they can see using the information they have available to them. They are not allowed to use God as an explanation for anything because all chaos and confusion would ensue and all their work would be discredited. So they have to create their own explanations which must follow their criteria.

Science is and will always be limited because they are unable to answer the most important basic question: WHY.

Why are we here? How is it that LIFE is even a possibility? What is our purpose?

Despite all of the equations, calculations and theories, science has yet to explain basic questions. They may tell you how atoms collide and how molecules are formed, but where did these atoms come from in the first place? Who programmed them to work in such a way that would create molecules that create other things? Why didn't rocks just stay rocks? Why are there even atoms or rocks or elements? How is it all this stuff is coming from NOTHING? How do inert elements become conscious living beings? How is it that ANYTHING exists at all?

The more scientists look into something, the more they don't understand. More questions arise than are answered.

The Big Bang Theory is weak, because it explains how the atoms collapse and create pressure that creates energy to make this explosion, etc. It all sounds reasonable, but why is it happening? What is the purpose of it all?

In the is a THEORY. It is a hypothesis made by a collection of like-minded scientists attempting to create a unified version of how they THINK our universe was formed and how we came about to be here. Those who agree with them are included, while those who disagree are excluded. It is their collective general opinion that they are presenting to the world.

By their own admission, science is all about THEORIES.
The Theory of Evolution. The Big Bang Theory. The Quantum Theory.

The Merriam-Webster's simple definition of the word Theory:

1. An idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain facts or events.

2. An idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true.

3. General principles or ideas that relate to a particular subject.

Science creates theories through research and observation and do experiments to prove that their theories are true and can be corroborated by other scientists in the Science Club. Facts are formed when experiments can be repeated and results are consistent with all hypotheses. Yet the big events like the beginning of the world or evolution have never been witnessed by anyone, cannot be tested or recreated in the laboratory, yet they say that their version of creation is a fact.

And if we are a product of evolution, why aren't we still evolving today? Many claim they can see evolutionary changes and point to mixed dog breeds as examples: a Poodle and a Chihuahua mix. And new species of insects, birds and reptiles are popping up all the time in Madagascar and the Amazon. But animals of different species cannot breed with each other. There cannot be a bird frog, or a lizard cat. A dog bred with another dog is still a dog. It hasn't evolved, just changed its shape, size and colors. It is still a dog. And all those new species of insects, birds and reptiles are still insects, birds and reptiles.

Or why aren't there some people wandering around on the other side of the world sprouting wings or beaks or hooked fingers? Why aren't we growing more hands and limbs like a spider which would make us more agile, more productive and more efficient? Why aren't some people evolving to have tougher skin to survive harsher temperatures, injury and pain?

We already know that you can't just stretch your neck all your life and have children with long necks. It doesn't work that way. It has to already be in the genes. Genes determine the outcome of humans, plants and animals. And since animals of different species cannot breed with each other, how can there ever be any new animals? For example, horses that mate with donkeys have offspring called Mules. But mules are born sterile, so that stops evolution in its tracks.

And too much inbreeding results in weaknesses, illness and early death, again stopping any further genes from passing on too far.

Check out what happens with White Tigers which are really products of intense inbreeding:

And even if there was an odd animal born with a new appendage which would help it survive and could eventually pass on to their children, animals as well as human react unfavorably to differences and oddities which would leave the odd animal to die alone without reproducing. But how then can any new animals come about if animals naturally reject mutations?

As humans we must wear clothing to survive the elements. But according to evolutionists, our ape ancestors were more hairy and furry. Why didn't we stay that way? Losing our fur only left us more vulnerable and would have increased our chances of sickness and death. But for some reason, humans became LESS FURRY which makes us more prone to sickness and death. Why would that be if "survival of the fittest" were the case?

According to evolutionists, most present day animals came into being through these radical stages of change: fish evolved into land animals, that evolved into birds. Yet there are animals that have not changed since the very beginning. Darwin called them Living Fossils. Creatures that are the same as they started off millions of years ago. Science has their explanations, but how is it that there are species of animals which haven't evolved at all?

And according to scientists, life started off as a single cell and advanced from there. somehow a single cell developed randomly from chemicals with an outside membrane, an internal structure and the ability to replicate itself. Hmm...Ok. But then why in the development of life was it necessary for organism to SPLIT and become male and female? Why didn't it just stick with the way that was already working? Replicating itself, with the ability to reproduce alone and independently of each other? Isn't this more productive, efficient and a guarantee of life's survival if animals and humans were hermaphrodites and could reproduce asexually? Instead time is spent searching to find an appropriate mate to share DNA with. Why would this shift even occur if things were working out so well in the beginning? And what's to prevent us from evolving further to needing more people to reproduce with? A 3rd sex? or a 4th?

Instead God's system involves relationship with each other through a process of attraction called LOVE. Because of His system, humans and animals have companionship, friends, family, children and community. We are not just identical clones of each other.

Evolution? Hmmm.

Scientists understand that the universe is very complex and follows a strict set of rules. Yet who established these rules? Who created the laws and mathematics that are the foundation of the entire universe? Who created the elements so that they are able to change into different forms, of gas, liquid and solid? Scientist say "It just happens to be that way. It is a given."


Well if it all just happens to be this way, then it is amazing that the entire universe all works like clockwork so perfectly and beautifully. Atoms all came together perfectly to form planets, stars, galaxies and ultimately LIFE. If this is really all by random is it that the sun shows up every morning no matter what? It circles the earth year after year, century after century. The seasons all arrive as expected. The light of the sun hits the moon that shines its light onto the earth at night. The earth has a protective force field that protects us from the solar winds, radiation and meteors and contains our atmosphere so we can survive. Coincidence? Random act?

Why aren't there more mutations, hiccups, chaos and disasters? What prevents the sun from suddenly flaring and killing everything in one day? Or the earth to cease rotating from time to time? Or why doesn't gravity periodically pull us down further into the earth or release us into outer space?

Scientist will say it is the nature of evolution that makes everything work together...eventually...over billions of years. But why wouldn't the opposite be true. Why aren't things more chaotic? Why don't things evolve in a way that they get worse instead of better? Who programmed things to be better, more beautiful and more intelligent? Why doesn't it ever evolve the other way around? Uglier? More fragile? Less predictable? Less efficient?

You see, scientists try very hard to explain how things work because they enjoy that we all look to them for answers. It is their egos that won't let them admit that God is the author of life. If there are questions they don't understand they have only to say that more research needs to be done. But the more they research the more they see that everything is perfectly balanced and held together by some sort of an invisible force that governs everything and keeps it all working together in harmony.

Well let's just get this straight so you will understand:


They didn't create life. They didn't create the world. They didn't create the universe. They didn't create anything.

They are only examining what is ALREADY HERE.

All that science does is INVESTIGATE, DISCOVER, ANALYZE, THEORIZE and REPORT. They explain through chemistry, physics, mathematics and equations how they THINK the world exists. But all these rules, principles and formulas are God's laws that have been governing this universe since the beginning. All this was here way before science started snooping around.

The same for DNA. People ooh and ahh about how the discovery of DNA has been a breakthrough in unlocking the secrets of life, but DNA is the work of God. He is the programmer. Scientists have only recently discovered it and are trying to understand it. And if this has only been recently, what else lies out there that scientists haven't discovered yet that was created by God eons ago? Scientists know more than they did 100 years ago; but that also means there is stuff they don't know and won't know until 100 years from now.

Mathematics, Physics, Geometry, Biology, etc. are ALL God's laws, rules and systems. Science likes to lay claim to it all, but they have only stumbled upon them in their observations and have had to untangle and dissect His laws so they can understand what God is doing and how He is doing it.

And the funny thing is they formulate their theories using the intelligence that GOD gave them. God created them and their brains, but they use their God-given intellect to wipe out God from the whole picture and pat themselves on the back for being so smart.


All their explanations of how the world was created are their THEORIES. What they THINK happened. But they can't be 100 percent positive because it is only their opinion. They were not there at the time of creation or during evolution. So they only theorize.

Scientists like to tell you what happened billions of years ago even though they were never there. They don't believe in God because they say there is no evidence of His existence. Yet the evidence is all around us. The sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, people, animals...God's work is everywhere. They examine His creation and then say He doesn't exist which reveals that they are jaded and have blinders over their eyes.

We see LIFE as an awesome spectacular MIRACLE. Yet they see life as a bunch of random chemicals interacting with each other.

Ok...if you say so.

They examine what God has created and then just leave Him out of the picture, instead taking credit so they should be revered and honored instead of God.


So again, let's get this straight. Scientist don't create anything.

OK maybe plastics, pesticides, poisons and pollution, but they have yet to create life. Life that is self-sustaining and reproduces. They can theorize about it, but they cannot create it.

All of life was created by God. And ONLY LIFE can create other life.

Bacteria creates more bacteria. A plant creates seeds that create more plants. A human can only create another human. Scientists might be able to cross breed flowers with other flowers to create a hybrid flower, but they can never created a flower from nothing and would be unable to do so without an already existing flower. The only way they can get something moving is by introducing another form of life.

And unlike Mary Shelley's story of Frankenstein, science cannot give anything the spark of life, because without that spark of life, everything is dead.

And then there are questions that go beyond science.

When did time begin? How many trillions of light years does the universe expand to? And if science thinks they have found the ends of the universe, what is beyond that? And how much does space fall into inner space? They say the smallest elements are atoms, but what is smaller than the atom? And how is it that we have eyes that make it possible for us to perceive LIGHT? How did evolution figure out that we needed eyes to see to survive? And what is LIGHT? Light in and of itself is invisible until it comes in contact with something. What is light made of? It is not made up of atoms. What is it? Yet it's purpose is so we are able to see. And then what is DARKNESS, the opposite of LIGHT? It is mindboggling! These are the questions that even scientists can't wrap their minds around. They don't get that time has no beginning and no end and space and inner space go on forever because God is forever. He is infinity. The Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end. But I'm sure they will somehow find a way to explain the beginning and the end of time, space and infinity, light and dark and how it all came about from nothing. Who are the creationists now?

Look at some of these photos of the Universe with all the galaxies.

See the universe with all the billions of stars, suns and planets? Now imagine yourself as a microscopic speck in one of these galaxies, in one of its solar systems on one of the planets. This is how small we are. And understand that we are like one-celled organisms in this giant expanse of space thinking that we know everything and have solved the mystery of life.

Boy. We are truly an arrogant race.

So many people say they don't believe in God because they see no evidence of Him, but when confronted by the wonders of the earth, they just say, "Wow Mother Nature is amazing."

Oh you mean...God. There is no Mother Nature. Only God.

Or some say, "I am putting it out there in the Universe."

Oh you mean God. I thought you didn't believe in anything you can't see?

We all live, see and experience the wonders of this life all around us and all of it filled with God intelligence and beauty, yet people only believe in the wonders of "Nature". That is like praising an amazing musical piece or hit song but then ignoring and giving no credit to the Composer, Singer or Musician. Like the song somehow wrote itself.

All of the world, universe and creation shouts with amazing precision, rhythm and beauty, but somehow people take it all for granted. Like all this magnificence is just supposed to be this chance. If we cannot comprehend the awesome power and majesty of this creation...then our eyes are blind, our minds are dull and our hearts without feeling.

Consider the animals. Who taught the animals how to survive? Spiders make intricate webs, birds build nests, salmon swim upstream to spawn, turtles know to return to the same place to lay eggs, animals take care of their young - how do they know this? Who gave them this knowledge?

In 2004 before a tsunami devastated parts of Thailand, India and Sri Lanka, the animals in the regions knew of the impeding tsunami and sought to escape to higher ground.

Read about it:

Who told these elephants hours before that they needed to go uphill because a tsunami was coming? How is it that people are not able to perceive this but animals can? Perhaps they are more in tune with God than we are.

What so many people who deny God don't get is that they are also denying themselves. We are the TRUE miracles.

We have a body, a brain, a way of communicating, a way of reproducing, a way of thinking...all without much effort.

Our brains retain our memories, can think creatively and abstractly, can imagine and envision ways to create new things. We have eyes, ears and hands that guide us easily through our existence. We can talk, walk, travel and relocate. We can sense our surroundings and can change them if we wish. We are self contained and have processes going on in our bodies without our knowledge that digest our food, heal us, get rid of toxins and give us what we need to keep us alive and healthy on a daily basis. And our body is it's own chemical factory. It takes raw material and creates proteins, enzymne, hormones, acids, etc., so it can repair damaged cells, build new tissue, reinforce our bones, make new blood cells and just keep us going.

What prevents our bodies from suddenly collapsing or vaporizing or breaking down after a day of activity?

And how is it that two people are pulled together by attraction to form a bond of love? How is it that we can even LOVE? And LAUGHTER? Why do we even have a sense of humor? What does laughing have to do with survival of the fittest? Or just SMILING? How is it we even have emotions at all? Why aren't we just emotionless? Wouldn't we function better if we lived by logic? Instead we experience, joy, wonder, happiness, hope, curiosity, sadness, compassion....we are incredible beings. And it is all within God's amazing purpose and plan that we are here.

Yet scientist still think we are a bucket of chemicals.

Even in death, the body decomposes and disappears quickly to return to where it all came from in an organized fashion.

You see we are the MIRACLES.

So scientists are telling you that it is by chance that you were born into this existence. Well what are the chances of that? A million, gazillion, trillion infinities to one. Chemists estimate that the human body is made up of approximately 50 to 75 percent water depending on age, size and gender. The rest of us is made up of chemicals. What's keeping our body together? What is preventing each of us from falling apart into a big wet gooey blob? Technically, we should not exist. The odds are against our very existence. Yet here you are, a conscious, breathing and living human being. You could be a mindless pulsating smear stuck on a rock floating in outer space. Or you could just be nothing now. Nada. But you won the lottery and are participating in God's greatest gift called LIFE. And here you are wondering if God even exists or not. You should really be considering how it is even possible that you can be here WITHOUT God.

Some believe that God is a fairy tale, but by believing in science, you have talked yourself into the real fairy tale. You have it backwards. The fact they you can even read this, understand, think, ponder and contemplate your own existence is incredible.

Many people don't believe in God because they can't see Him. Though it's funny how people who don't believe in God are willing to believe in aliens, good luck, superstition, magic, spirits, ghosts, jinxes, monsters, mother nature...all things they can't see.

Well, it's understandable. Out of sight. Out of mind. No one wants to invest in something that doesn't seem tangible. Well, if you really must know, the reason God doesn't present Himself is because He wants to see how you will live out your life when He is not evident. Like parents hiding from view to see how their children will behave when they are not around.

By hiding in plain sight, He is giving you the CHOICE to come to Him without the pressure of Him hovering over you.

It seems in the past God did reveal Himself, but people still ignored Him and acted horribly to each other. (See the Old Testament) And when God sent His Son Jesus into the world, He came with love, forgiveness and healing. But instead of being welcomed, He was condemned, beaten and crucified.

God desires those who will seek, have faith and love Him by their own free will, not because He is forcing us. If He did we wouldn't be free, but slaves.

Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” - John 20:29

Some people did give God a try once. They believed and prayed and asked God for things to see if He was real, but when their prayers were not answered in the exact way they wanted, they decided He was not real. But God is not a genie. He isn't there to grant our every wish and He won't act in the way we want Him to act. In the same way parents won't give candy to a child every time he asks for it or a gun just because he wants it. God is seeking to help us grow up spiritually, so that prayer for a million dollars is not exactly in your best spiritual interest.

But like children, we don't like it and have a fit, holding our breath til we are blue in the face.

Some people don't believe in God because something terrible happened to them. How could a loving God allow that to happen to me? Well, bad things can and do happen to everyone. But the God is there in our pain and struggle if we choose to invite Him to help us. Unfortunately, instead of going to God for help, He gets blamed.

Many people want to be able to control God to get what they want. And in order for their faith to begin they need to see a MIRACLE, they want PROOF. Yet here we are in this beautiful complex world, but still, it's not good enough. It's not a big enough miracle. They want to see a sign.

Jesus said, “Then some of the Pharisees and teachers of the law said to him, “Teacher, we want to see a sign from you.” He answered, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. - Matthew 12:38-39.

"I am my own God" is ultimately the true reason people will never admit there is a God. Because if they admit it, then they will have to search for Him and if they find Him, then they will have to obey Him.

By kicking God out of this world, our egos get the chance to make ourselves the ruler of this world.

By explaining away God, unbelievers don't have to be accountable to Him or anyone but they can put themselves first and do as they please, no matter what the consequences. Good luck then (if you even believe in luck) because without God, you will need it.

If we sincerely seek God with our heart, we will find Him and it is through this relationship with Him, that we will be able to experience the depth of His love for us, but He asks us to believe and trust in Him.

The one who denies His creator is like the Prodigal Son denying His father. But the father is always waiting patiently for him to come home with open arms. They don't understand that the God they want to deny is the God who loves them the most and will give them Eternal Life if they would only love Him back.

Many atheists say that Christians blindly believe their church leaders and hand over their faith to them. But it is the same with those who hand over their faith blindly to science and believe everything they say.

Well, if you don't know whom to trust, then why don't you ask God Himself? If you really want to know if He is real, go ahead and ask Him. And if your heart is sincere...He will reveal Himself to you.

Believe it or not.

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13


© 2016 Edrick

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