by Halley Low

When I forget that I have a Lord and in my forgetfulness attempt to win whatever struggle I am in, and as I struggle and face failure I am reminded of my Lord and that I need not fail or struggle because, now remembering I have a Lord, I remember that the battle, all battles, are not mine but the Lord’s. Then I am comforted and fear leaves me. In its place is calm and patience. The storms of life are many, and come in an array of forms, but God is steadfast and trusting in Him I can never falter.

So why then do I forget the Lord? Who else can I hope in? The day runs its course, I move with it, sometimes rushing, a million details, the mind runs wild. With all the distractions and noise it seems amazing that I ever remember the Lord. But the Lord is not content with that; He did not create me to run the day’s course. He created me because of His love, His boundless creative love, the love between Father and Son expressed through Spirit, this creative love which spoke and all things came into being, including me. How can I ever forget the Lord, who has given me everything! So I cling to the remembrance of Him who never forgets me, cling to His cross through which I receive pardon for my forgetfulness, for so great is His love that He has given me everything even His own life.

I remember, may I never forget.

“God so loved the world that He sent His only Son, not to condemn the world but to save it.”

Powerful words, but read it this way and meditate on it –
“God so loved me that He sent His only Son, not to condemn me but to save me.”


© 2004 Halley Low

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