Me, me, me!

My favorite subject.
The Id. The Ego. The Self.
Me, Myself and Moi.
We love to spend hours and hours and hours, thinking about ourselves and we never get tired of it.
This isn’t what I want!
Are you listening to what I’m saying?
We have to do things my way!
Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?
Me, Me, and Me.

Of course, we can’t help it. We live with ourselves 24/7. Every person in the world is deeply involved with who they’re most familiar with. Themselves.
We want everything to work out for us.
We want all our desires to be fulfilled.
We want everyone to recognize and pay attention to us.
Being self-centered is like being a tiny plant in a huge forest…we are unable to see beyond our own vantage point, which in our minds is the only thing that exists.
Which is also why we judge and criticize,
why we can’t empathize, why we think we are better than others, why we think we know it all, why we’re never wrong and why we don’t care.
“Why can’t everyone be like me? The world would be a better place.”

They say money is the root of all evil. It’s not.
Selfishness is.
In the process of trying to satisfy one’s need, some individuals will run over others to get what they want,
and in doing that…evil manifests itself.

Everyone is selfish and self – centered.
This is the problem. No one wants to work together.
Everybody wants his or her way to prevail.
This is why we have animosity, tension, disputes, conflict and war…because people refuse to consider other people.

Humans are a very selfish group.
We only see things through our own eyes. And our own eyes can’t see what is inside the heart of another person. What kind of pain someone else has, what their dreams are, what their struggle
is and who they really are.

We’re like Black Holes trying to steal light and energy from each other. Everyone takes and no one gives. And because no one gives…there is nothing but a great big void and a lot of emptiness.
For this reason the world cannot satisfy us or itself.
Of course, many of us have genuine needs, which do need to be met in order for us to function.
And who else is going to look out for us if we don’t?
Well…God will.
God notices you. God is listening to you.
God understands you. And God loves you.

When we give our lives to God, He gives us everything we’ve ever wanted and more and only then will we stop focusing on ourselves and learn something greater; that the world includes other people, others who need OUR love, support and friendship. If we could all love everyone else as much as we love ourselves, the world would be an amazing place, because instead of taking and taking…we would be giving AND receiving.
Just as Christ gives love to us, we give love to others.

So, instead of a dark void, with nothing but a bunch of Black Holes, there can be a Heavenly Space filled with Sons of Light sharing the light of the Bright Morning Star.

© 2003 Edrick

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