Love Deficit

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone...” 

- Genesis 2:18a

Our world is filled with troubles: wars, violence, injustice, oppression, suicide, murder, rape, crime, theft, greed, revenge and selfishness. And everything is just getting worse.

But why? Why is this happening?

It is Love.

Love is lacking in the world.

Whether family, friends or lovers, being connected and in relationships is crucial for our health, happiness and well being. Love is what keeps us going. We cannot live without it. Some people get more love than others but many, very many have been completely deprived. We try to make friends, we try to find a lover but these days it is very difficult to even find one person whom we could truly love, trust and depend on.

Why are we so envious and jealous of those people who are popular and have so many friends or lovers? Why do some girls want to be models or actresses? Why do some boys want to be sports players or rock musicians? Why do we worship celebrities? Because everyone loves them.

Everyone it seems is starving for love and when we have no love, then loneliness, apathy, sadness, depression, resentment, anger and bitterness can move in.  We cannot love others if we have no love ourselves. When we cannot love each other, then we will ignore each other and the world becomes a very cold place.

Many people around us have NOT gotten enough love, so they cannot give out what they don’t have. People without love learn to love ONLY themselves. They become self-centered and selfish and have no feelings for others. Empathy is lacking. And when that happens prejudice, oppression, injustice and abuse abound.

Our inability to love has created a world that is unable to love and care for itself.

It is already known that premature infants will not survive if they are not touched regularly. And children who are bullied, rejected and friendless and/or come from troubled families with an absent or abusive parent, carry scars that follow them the rest of their life.

How is it that criminals all have similar backgrounds? A loner, a broken home, an abusive parent or no father figure, no friends, no girlfriend, have been fired from their job, etc.

All these people are running on empty. They are love starved. Those who don’t have enough love try to figure out ways to get more. And loneliness (social isolation) has been included as one of the factors that contributes to mental illness and heart disease.

People regularly pursue sex in their hopes of finding love. Those who become promiscuous to fill the void discover that sex is not a substitute for true love. And many predatory men intimidate women to have sex or just take what they want.

People's lives are destroyed when they experience a break up, a divorce, a rejection, were cheated on or betrayed. The love and trust they thought they had has fallen apart and the pain is excruciating.

Suicide and depression happens because some persons cannot take the emptiness in their life. And though they may have had plenty of love coming from their families and peers, their deficit is so great that it is not enough to keep them going.

Some people have lived without love for so long that they cannot accept it in any form. A hello from a stranger is ignored. A person offering friendship is viewed with suspicion. Anyone who shows them any interest is given the cold shoulder and blocked.

And because the pain of rejection is so great, many tell themselves they will never love again. When love does come their way, they run away from it or subconsciously sabotage it, believing they don't deserve love. They would rather be alone and have NO LOVE than be in a relationship that might turn sour and break their heart.

Why do so many people turn to drugs and alcohol, emotional eating, or bingeing of all sorts? And how many dramas, stories, songs, art and poetry focus on loss of love, rejection and betrayal? Because our hearts so desperately need love.

We might try to fill ourselves with other things: material things, money, food, success, sports, games, busyness, project, gadgets, and toys. But none of these will truly “fulfill” us, (FILL us until we are FULL).

Many wealthy and successful people when asked will admit that they are not fulfilled or happy, because money, wealth and power, cannot love them back. And in the end, no matter how famous, powerful, successful or wealthy someone is…no one really cares about you because everyone is too concerned about themselves.

People try to fill themselves with friends, sex, lovers, family, children, but regardless of how many people we have in our lives, we can still feel alone. We as people cannot satisfy each other. Our tanks are empty.

Why is it that nothing we do in this world will ever make up for the emptiness in our hearts? 

Because our longing is for GOD.

It is GOD’s LOVE that we are craving and nothing else can substitute for it. From the very Beginning, God designed us to be in a relationship with Him. He made us to be in love with Him. Only He has the love that can fill our hearts. Yet so many people never look to Him for love because they think they know better what they need.

The thing is, God loves everyone He has ever created and His love is FREE!

But many people don’t want it.

So there is a vacuum, a hole, an empty abyss that people try so desperately to fill with other people, money, things and activities, but only God’s love can reside in it.

Only the love of God can fulfill our lonely hearts.

When you ask Jesus to come into your heart, He fills your tank up with His unconditional love, the love He has always had for you. God’s love makes up where others have failed and fills us to overflowing so we can heal and be whole. It is only then are we able to pass His love to others.

You see God is the author of Love. His love is the source from which all love springs.

"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love." - 1 John 4:7-8

God’s love is there for you, but like any love, you have to return it. It is a choice.
God desires a relationship with us. He has been waiting to be in love with you for a long time. You only have to ASK Him and His love will come to you…right NOW!


© 2018 Edrick

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