Let Go and Let God

Who knows how long the Christian catchphrase “Let Go and Let God” has been around, yet it still encapsulates the attitude we should have as Christian servants: To release whatever we are holding onto and give it to God.

Some only believe this saying is about worrying and that we must let go of our concerns and let God take care of them. Yes, that is very true, but believe it or not, this is only the surface...there is more.

To be better servants of God and to allow Him to work more freely in our lives, we must let go of ALL of our stuff. These things that we hold on so tightly to, are also holding onto us...and holding us back from God.

What are SOME of these things we HOLD ONTO so dearly?

Our Identity: Our identity is everything about us...our possessions, our loves, our accomplishments, our experiences, our attitudes, our past, our hopes and plans, etc. All of these make up who we are. It has taken us a lifetime to fit into this world. We have achieved much, marked our territory and let the world know what we believe in. It is our identity, ego and persona, how we see ourselves...that we hold onto. Whether a Man-About-Town, Wonder Woman, Truth-Seeker, Adventurer, Brainiac, Tower of Strength, Rebel or Compassionate Soul...our identity is the most important thing we have. Our identity gives us purpose and direction. But it is also our identity that may prevent God from using us. For many of us...we come first...before God.

Our Heart. Along the way, all of us come upon love, pain, frustration, anger and fear. You can't have love without also having pain. And the pain, fear and uncertainty that comes to our hearts is the most difficult to endure. Living with our hearts can be liberating, but it can also keep us from being free. Our emotions can overtake us and we can hold onto much of our pain...never letting go and never forgiving. The opposite of feeling with our hearts is to LIVE WITHOUT FEELINGS. Some of us live our lives fencing in our hearts, protecting ourselves from emotional chaos and future pain. But we can also miss out on life and love. We hold in the love in our hearts because to let go could mean we would be vulnerable.

Our Relationships. Relationships are one of the most influential forces in our lives, yet they come and go. Relationships can sour, friendships fizzle, love affairs can become volatile and some relationships never go anywhere.

Many of us yearn for love and pine for past loves. Changes in relationships are painful and disappointing for many of us, but we keeping HOLDING onto them, even when they bring us down.

Our experiences with people push us in many directions, some good and bad. Some of us will follow after people even though we know it is destroying us. Still we HOLD ON to our feelings of love, hurt, disappointment, longing and anger long after the people are gone. We look to our relationships to fulfill our heart needs, but know it is never enough. And no matter how hurtful or damaging to our spirits...we hold onto these relationships in hopes they will become new again.

Our Possessions. All of our possessions mean something to us. They are the material manifestations of who we are (there we go, back to our identity). Our possessions remind us of so many things: celebrations, events, periods in our life, vacations, happy times, etc. This is why so many of us have problems throwing things away. We can't let go of them because they define our worth. Letting go means loss. We are afraid to be left with nothing. We are afraid to be alone. Many of us substitute people with stuff, but stuff can also lead a person...away from God.

Our Principles. We hold onto so many beliefs, habits, myths, restrictions, principles, traditions and attitudes. Many of which may be outdated, don't work or are actually bad for us. We all have rules and ideals that tell us how to act, what to believe in, who to trust and how to live.

Each of us has principles that we live by and are unwilling to let go of. Some are of God and are good, but many are very bad. You can tell the good ones by the fruit they produce. Living by love is a great principle. Living to get as much stuff as possible is not so good. Living for yourself with no care for anyone else is very bad.

When we hold onto our rules, philosophies and ideals, are we also preventing ourselves from growing and being challenged? Many rules also serve as CAGES that we don't dare break out of. What if some of the rules we live by are hurting us in the end? Many beliefs, ideals and principles are well...just way off course and keep us in a continuous path going the wrong way.

Our idea of God. For Christians, we each have an idea about God, Jesus, our faith and our church. Most of our ideas have been taught to us. Our perception of God is something many of us really hold onto and have the hardest time shaking. But who gave you these ideas about God? Society, the Church, your friends? Or did God show you Himself?

Many of us believe that God is a Cold Accountant Judge in the Sky waiting to condemn us. Chances are you were taught this by a person, a minister, a pastor...who is really afraid of God. Their negativity has created a negative God.

These persons have the most difficult time believing that God could be compassionate and loving. Even though they might be very warm, compassionate people themselves, they may be unable to let go of the false image that God is unfeeling and focuses more on the bad than the good.

Each of us has a mental portrait of who we think God is. But is that who God REALLY is? No one knows the mind of God, yet we continue to put God into a small box.

All of these feelings, ideas and concepts are part of our mindset. Many of these things we HOLD onto we keep because it is ALL WE KNOW. We are STUCK in all aspects of our lives. Whatever we have around us...we hold onto, because it is familiar. We know no other way.

We must LET GO of all of these: our identity, our feelings, our relationships, our possessions, our principles and yes, even our concept of who God is...in order to find God. We MUST LET GO OF EVERYTHING and GIVE THEM ALL TO HIM.

If you hold onto the label that you are a loner, you may never be able to reach out to anyone and experience love and community.

If you hold onto your identity, your possessions and your career, you may be unwilling to let God lead you to a new path, because all that time and work you put into making yourself up, would be gone...if you gave it all to God.

If you are holding onto the belief that God will only judge you, or He will not answer your prayers, you will never be able to let God...BE God. Your lack of faith prevents Him from touching you.

We have to LET GO of anything that will come between God and us. Though we think we are living the best we can, God has MORE He would like to teach us and has greater plans for us...if we give it all to Him. God can't do anything, until we give Him permission. We have to kick out all the junk that is controlling us, keeping us resistant and blocking Him out.

We must come to God as we were born: open and trusting. Only then, can God fill you with His life anew. When we can finally let go of our "I know everything I need to know" baggage, God can teach us who He really is.

He can't use you...if you already have your own plans.
He can't heal you...if you don't believe He can do it.
He can't change a relationship...if you can't let go of that relationship. He can't give you peace...if you won't let go of bitterness.
He can't teach you something...if everything you believe is set in stone.

We are the ones who won't allow God to be real in our lives. We won't let God be God.

It is all about FAITH. When we believe that God will do everything in our BEST interest...then we can release everything to Him.   Time and again in Jesus ministry, Jesus could only perform miracles if the people let go of their unbelief and trusted Him.

Let go of everything in your life and see how God will give you back MORE than you ever had before. Let go and let God.

"...“Do you believe that I am able to do this?” “Yes, Lord,” they replied. Then he touched their eyes and said, “According to your faith let it be done to you”; and their sight was restored. -Matthew 9: 28-30

©2011 Edrick

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