The Jordan Road
by Gennee

L ove of nature has been part of me since I was a boy. When I was a scout I loved going on hikes with my troop. Whenever I saw a trail I always wondered where it would lead to. I was tempted to wander off and follow the trail. No telling what I would discover.

Whenever a life changing decision has to be made, it may involve going in a different direction. In religious circles, this is described as the Jordan road. When God called us to his grace, we chose to go on a different path. It was a road that few people travel but itís the road that leads to eternal life.

When I made the decision to live life openly as a transgender person, it was a road that I chose to travel. I was liberated from what the world said that I was supposed to be. Mind you, it doesnít mean that I didnít have any challenges, far from it. Many roads have been crossed. A few have been life changing. No one could walk this road for me. All the time, I felt Godís hand nudge me forward. My being transgender is part of his plan for my life.

Jesus traveled along many roads. The crowds followed him and his disciples were taught by Him. On the night before his death, Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane, alone with his Father. It was the road where he traveled all by himself (the Father was with Him, of course). When Jesus was nailed to the cross, it was a road He chose to travel.

The Jordan Road can be a lonely and frightening place. We can be encouraged, prayed for, and given a blessing in our effort. In the end, we still have to go by ourselves. Once that road has been crossed, then God can begin a new work in us.


© 2010 Gennee

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