I'm a Groomer
by the Reverend Michael Piazza

Put me down as a groomer. No, I haven’t taken up shearing people’s pets; I mean the kind of groomer who strikes fear in the hearts of conservatives these days. 

They have resurrected the old fear that homosexuals and others who deviate from their norms are recruiting children and "grooming" them to follow in our nefarious ways. Well, it’s true, at least for me:

The truth is this grooming mania is a political machination to stir up their base and raise money. It is such a thinly veiled ruse I am stunned conservative voters can’t see how they are being manipulated. Their own children, grandchildren, nieces, and neighbors are paying the price. They apparently can’t see it, so maybe you can join me in pointing it out and also confess to being a groomer.

Rev Michael Piazza


© 2022 Michael Piazza

Rev. Piazza is a nationally-known author, activist, and church growth consultant. 
He is the founder and president of Agile Church Consulting and the senior pastor of Broadway United Church of Christ on Manhattan's Upper West Side

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