God's Watching Eyes

When I was about 6 years old, I was with my parents on Coney Island beach in New York, enjoying the hot summer day. After a time of digging holes in the sand and playing in the water, I had to use the restroom. My father pointed to the Men’s Room building a little ways off and told me that since we were next to the big water fountain, to use it as a landmark to find my way back.

Well, there were a million people on the beach that day.

I walked to the restroom and when I was done I looked for the water fountain as my father told me to. But in the sea of people surrounding me I became distracted and wherever I looked, I couldn't see my family. I walked in circles totally losing my bearings and forgot that they were close to the water fountain. In my young mind I started to think that I would never see my family again and I was lost forever. I started crying. After a bit of wandering, my father finally came and got me. Back at our blanket my father told me that all along he had kept his eyes on me from a distance and said that he wanted to see if I would be able to navigate back to our spot on my own.

He was testing me!

Well, I failed that test miserably. Instead of focusing and trying to recall what my father told me to do, I was overwhelmed by my circumstances and was deeply afraid.

Well, you know what?

It is just like the Lord. God has told us what we need to do to navigate through our crowded lives to find our way back to Him. Just like my father, God our Father allows us to wander through our life’s journey so we can experience, learn and grow. And there are times when we are tested. He does this so we will learn what is important, understand the world around us and use what we have learned to find our way back to Him. At the same time His eyes are watching us to see how we are doing and is never too far away, always ready to rescue us when things become too overwhelming.

At the time, I was a little miffed at my father for allowing me to get lost and not coming to rescue me right away, in the same way that I may question God, "Why is this happening to me? Why aren't you answering my prayers?"

Only now as an adult have I realized that the only way anyone learns anything is through life experience. And some experiences may bring us to the point of desperation, fear, and struggle. But why does God allow this? Because we refuse to learn things willingly and will only learn when things become difficult. Unfortunately most of us never turn to God until we have hopelessly lost our way.

I know now that my life is a product of my choices and when I don't listen to God, that it is not God who is causing bad things to happen to me, but rather it is I who have chosen to walk myself into messy predicaments. And when I don't learn my lessons the first time, I only repeat my mistakes until I change my way of doing things.

When I heed God's voice and follow His direction in all aspects of my life, I find that things always work out better than if I walked alone without Him. I understand now that all the experiences I have endured in the past have made me a better person and all God asks is that I reach out to others who might be on the same path and point them to God who is waiting for each of us with open arms.


© 2016 Edrick

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