What Does It Mean To Be
A GLBT Christian?

One of the most heartbreaking things I’ve found in speaking to many GBLT people is the inability for some of them to reconcile their sexuality with being Christian. Men and women who were once on fire and served the Lord with great devotion, now have great difficulty accepting the love and forgiveness of the Lord they once spoke to others about.

Along with the feeling of doubt about their own salvation and shame that they have failed in their faith, there is emptiness in their heart where the Lord once resided. And it wasn’t the Lord who left, but the person himself walking away from God.

Why do so many GBLT people have such a difficult time being GLBT and Christian?

For many people, they can only be one or the other. GLBT or Christian.
Perhaps they feel God judges their lifestyle, so instead of including the Lord in the search for their identity, they kick Him out all together, giving them the “freedom” to explore their sexuality. Many people grew up very involved in their churches when they were younger, making it even harder when they feel that their GLBT life is in conflict with their spirituality.

But being a Christian and GLBT are similar in that both of these make up the very essence of who we are. To try to live one without the other is to cut ourselves in half. Being human and spiritual creatures, we must be ourselves. Being GLBT is essential to who we are, yet how can we even live a life without Jesus Christ who has loved us before we were even born and walked with us every bit of our lives even though we have tried to run away from Him?

There are numerous Bible passages that have seemed to be against us, and I have no doubt that when each of us encountered these passages, we felt a personal blow that the walls had fallen onto us. As Christians, we want to surrender our lives to God for His use, but as human beings, a life without the love of another person is also empty.

There is something that many of us forget. That Jesus Christ is alive.
He is real. He is here. And most important, He is here for you.
As a child of God, you are entitled to talk, yell, complain, cry, love and receive love from Him. Don’t be afraid of Him. He has nothing but love for you and He wants to give you an abundant life. Here and with Him.

So what does it mean to be a GLBT Christian?

It means we understand that the Lord loves us unconditionally even though others might tell us otherwise. It means we cannot “UNSAVE” ourselves. Christ has already died on the cross for us. That is what He meant when He said “It is finished!”

Only the “GIFT OF GOD”, and yes…it is a “GIFT”…can do that through faith in Jesus Christ. There is nothing that you could possibly do that will ever compromise this promise. If your salvation was up to you…what is the point of Christ dying on the cross?
Rest assured, your faith has made you whole.

When we accept that we are Christian and GLBT, we will finally
be able to love the Lord and ourselves AT THE SAME TIME.
What does it mean to be A GLBT Christian?
It means we understand that we are children of God, as well as human beings created in His own image. And He is here for us, encouraging and shaping us to be His people. People with love, integrity and responsibility to ourselves and those around us.

If you are a person in conflict, talk to God. Continue the dialogue.
He is here for you.


© 2003 Edrick

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