Deeper Spirituality: A Closer Walk With God

Since the beginning, man has chased after God seeking spiritual enlightenment, connection and oneness with Him. For many of us, God may seem distant. The only way we know how to reach Him is by calling out our prayers and hoping to appease Him.

Surprisingly, God is very easy to find, but our distracted minds and hearts prevent us from experiencing His presence. Our spiritual connection with Him is limited because of our need to feed ourselves first. We seek God to supplement and improve our lives, not understanding that putting God FIRST is EVERYTHING. When we follow His steps, He brings us closer to Him. We are the ones who stop ourselves from fully experiencing God, because our main concern is for own wellbeing, which most of the time, takes us on paths leading away from Him.

We are unable to graduate from ourselves.

He is not necessarily found on a mountaintop, a temple, or a church. He cannot be found by just reciting prayers, keeping rules or going without, but very simply, God is revealed to the humble, believing heart who desires to know Him and is willing to go with Him wherever He goes.

Even the most faithful of Christians can lose sight of God when we are too busy with our earthly habits. When we focus on our own world, the Kingdom of God fades and we lose sight of Him. Like Peter who was overtaken by his fear of the wind and waves when he tried to walk on the water toward Jesus in Matthew 14:30, we too take our eyes off Jesus and cannot see beyond the waves of life which always overtake us.

As Christians, we accept Christ as our Savior and try to follow Him according to what has been taught to us by our churches. Most of us are faithful in our duties to God. Well at least we try. But that doesn’t mean we are necessarily walking with God.

Like anything, WE determine how close we are to God. Most of us lag way behind following in His steps, yet He desires us to walk side by side with Him, pointing things out to us and showing us the way ahead.

Being Christian doesn't mean we are instantly spiritual. Deep spirituality requires fellowship and conversation with God and a desire to investigate further. Having faith in God is only the beginning. Deep spirituality and connection with God requires even more from us.

Many believe that being a good Christian is avoiding sin, asking God to solve our problems, reading the Bible, preaching the gospel, attending church and agreeing with what they tell you to agree with. We are taught to pray to God daily, but many of us can't get passed the “Fix this, give me this, help me with that, bless this” phase.

God wants more of you. He wants you living His commandments of love seeking heavenly things. Instead of one-sided prayers for stuff and fulfillment, He desires continuous two-way conversations with us. He wants us living the Gospel and understanding that His truths are higher than the church's rules and traditions.

Being spiritual is so much more than just going through the motions. Being spiritual is an adventure. Being spiritual requires a hunger for God's consciousness and spirit, seeking understanding of His thoughts, purposes and ways.

Spirituality is our journey in getting to know Him and doing as He does. So many believe that spirituality is only cerebral. It is not just in the head, but goes out into the hands. The Spirit of God manifests by allowing Him to live through us.

Deep spirituality requires a daily fellowship with God, but like any relationship, it is up to us, how close we want to be to Him.

Some of us are quite content being immature babies in Christ, crying to Him for our needs and complaining when things aren't exactly how we want them to be.

Few heed the calling of God to grow up and follow the Father in His steps to be men and women of God to do His work. Our main concerns are usually for our own earthly accomplishments, desires and security. God's concerns are for all His people and His Kingdom.

There are a few simple things we need to seek, in our desire to draw closer to Him.

Be the eyes of God. See what He sees.

See the world as God sees the world.

When God sees a homeless man. He sees a precious person who has a painful life, whom everyone else has cast aside.

When God sees people fighting against each other, He is grieved because they have allowed their small differences to destroy what they have in common.

When He sees a child without parents, He sees the lonely heart abandoned by people who themselves have pain.

See what God sees.

Be the ears of God. Hear what He hears.

God hears the silent tears of the lonely. He hears the voices of the oppressed. He hears the shouts of injustice. He hears the cries of pain.

Learn to listen and hear as God hears.

Be the mind of God. Think as He thinks.

Seek to understand the mind of God, to think as He thinks. Observe things around you and have conversations with Him. Seek His wisdom and knowledge. Know that He wants to bring you to a higher consciousness of His Kingdom.

Be the heart of God. Feel what He feels.

Seek to understand the heart of God.

Feel the pain He feels for those who suffer. Feel the tears He feels for the lonely. Feel the magnitude of His great love and compassion for us His creation.

The heart of God is filled with overflowing love and He desires us to participate in His work to bring back wholeness to the world. See that the heart of God is indeed filled with unconditional love.

Be the hands of God. Do as He does.

God asks us to take everything we have learned from Him and change things. He asks us to use our hands to do His work: To stand up when there is injustice. To love as He loves. To do things no one else wants to do. By making a connection, volunteering, joining a community or offering to help, we do what God hopes for us all to do: love people to Him.

Listen to God and do what He beckons you to do. There is so much that needs to be done, but so few persons willing to do the work of God. We can no longer be just bystanders on the side of the road asking God for handouts, comfort and security. We each have a part in His great plan to bring salvation to the world.

Many believe that being spiritual is cerebral. Our minds seek only to contemplate and meditate on God, but that is only part of it. Thinking on God is 1% spirituality. Doing the work of our contemplations is 99% of it.

Action above all is what is hardest for us to do; yet, ACTION is the fruit of deep spirituality. Contemplation may be spiritual, but when there is no action behind our spiritual thoughts, they become worthless.

Like the Good Samaritan, what matters is that love is manifested into action. Not just concern, not just prayer, and not just sympathy, but ACTION. The energy that gets the ball rolling and sets God's love into motion is ACTION.

So many of us pray when someone needs help, yet, no one just goes on in and helps. We pray for someone else to do the work, but perhaps we are the ones who should heed our own prayers.

A person of God, sees, hears, thinks, feels and then DOES.

Spiritual thoughts are fruitless until they become a part of your life. One who does, follows through with what he has learned and produces fruit. It is the result of our conversations with God. One who thinks only entertains himself. One who does, entertains God.

God is excited when we allow our hands to be His hands, because only then can things begin to happen. Only then can work be accomplished.

We can no longer remain complacent and removed from everything. He challenges us to walk along with Him and be His eyes, ears, mind, heart and hands to do His work. To walk a closer walk with Him.

When our hands do as God does, then we are truly walking side by side with Him toward the Kingdom of God.


© 2009 Edrick

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