Dark Christians

Every one of us goes through hard times and most of us, try to look on the bright side, be hopeful and move on. But some of us have a difficult time shaking off our past or present and now live in a dim view of the world concerning people, our lives and the future. Some of us can’t help but see everything through dark glasses. We have been hurt, disappointed, disillusioned, used and abused, or just have had one too many misfortunes befall us.

Of course, it is understandable. There are times in life when we have to withdraw and take time for ourselves. There are times when we have to mourn. Times when we need to be alone. And times when we need to heal. But our disappointments can begin to evolve into darkness which some of us never let go of.

Our hearts are broken, our dreams are fading and our future looks dim…everyone has let you down, nothing is worth anything, no one can be trusted…we will eventually lose everything.

Though many of us were once idealistic and hopeful about life, we are now more suspicious of anything that promises to be good. We have a negative view about everything and just don’t want to get too optimistic…lest we become disappointed later.

Many of us who are negative think we are being realistic. And yes, life can be brutal. But over time, our "realistic" view of the world is really just plain pessimistic. It is our perception that has colored everything into blacks and grays. For those of us who see the world like this, we may not realize that we are the ones sabotaging everything in our lives by our negative thoughts and actions, making what we fear…come true.

When you believe that you don’t have anything in common with anyone, then, you will only seek out the differences and keep everyone at arms length…preventing anyone from coming close to you…lest you get hurt. So yes you don't get hurt, but you also don't find love or friendship. You leave as you came...with nothing. Your lack of interest is perceived by others, so they treat you like you are treating them...indifferent. So you fulfill your expectations. You have made it come true.

Same with events. If you have decided that you will have a bad time at a gathering, then when you get there, you will find reasons not to participate, instead keeping to yourself and withdrawing from the activity. Not thinking that it is you, YOU have indeed made a lousy time for yourself.

Many of us disappointed souls carry our darkness into Christianity.

We only see the dark side, the sacrifices, how we can’t have fun, how God blesses others but never blesses us. So of course we are part of the membership of Christians who point out the faults of everything and shuffle around with stone faces, because we can't find the joy in God.

Those who find failure and darkness in everything and everyone never think in a million years…that they themselves might be the problem.

God is a celebration of life. Jesus has set us free. Jesus has brought us love, joy, peace and hope.

But some of us see our lives as caged and boxed into a serious life of servitude to an impatient God. We begin to wonder if God has ordained a life of deprivation for us. A life with no joy, love or peace…but only sacrifices and sadness.

If we don’t perform well, we may lose everything.

That is why some of us, are not sure of our salvation. We fear everything may be taken away from us, even the gift of eternal life. That is why we are apprehensive. That is why we are sad. That is why we are negative.

We wonder if God is uncaring and stingy with His blessings, so we are distrustful of Him. Since we don’t feel free or blessed…we may resent those that are blessed and begin to think everyone has it better than us.

Jesus has set us free to give us joy, not make us miserable.
He died on the cross, because our situation WAS bleak. As long as we walk on this earth, life is going to be rough, but He has brought us to Him to share in His joy of life and has given us the potential to turn things around through Jesus.

Following Jesus is a celebration of all that is good and loving and peaceful.

I understand that some of us romanticize our darkness. We are safely hidden away from others and secretly enjoy feeling that we are outcasts or alone, but after awhile it does take a toll. Many years can pass by if we don’t watch it. We can become accustomed to living this way and may resist change because happiness and freedom isn't so familiar anymore.

Yes, some of us have found our darkness to be safe, but it is not.
It only leads to more darkness, and more sadness and more loneliness.

We have to make a choice...a decision to step out of our dark, negative place and follow the Light of Jesus. We need to embrace life. We need to embrace love. We need to embrace Jesus.

While He was here in the midst of our harsh world, He reached out to give love to those who never had any. He healed those who were broken. He brought hope to those who were hopeless. He brought forgiveness, justice, fairness, and equality to a world that quarrels, divides, fights, is unfair and unjust. He never promised to make our lives perfect, but He did promise to give us strength to get through the hurdles of life. And He asks us to do His work of spreading His love to others and to think less about ourselves, but more about others. He taught us to seek God with hope and prayer and came to heal our relationship with God and each other.

Jesus' ministry was one of hope, change and healing.

Ask Jesus to shine a light that will guide you out of your dark corner.
He wants very much to bring you out into the open and into His Light.
But you have to give up your comfort…of the dark. And He asks us to trust and believe Him.

Take Jesus’ hand and let Him lead you out of your darkness and into His brilliant healing Light of love.

© 2007 Edrick

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