I Strongly Agree

We all agree about certain things… we agree we need to stop environmental destruction and the depletion of our resources, we agree we need to eat better and exercise more, we agree that we need to work better in our dealings with people and our families, and as Christians, we also agree we need to walk more in faith, love our neighbors, trust the Lord more, forgive those who hurt us, share God’s love, etc.

But even though we have educated ourselves and understand the best solutions about world problems, moral issues, beliefs and doctrines…it doesn’t make a bit of difference, because after all of our arguing and wrestling for the answers, agreeing and disagreeing...when all is said and done…most of us don't act on what we believe in and just live life as we always have, waiting for our problems to magically fix themselves.

We all agree we need to save the earth for generations to come…but as a nation of excess, we continue to buy and consume products which need material made by drilling oil, cutting down trees, and killing animals which eventually become garbage. And because we can’t live without cars, need heat in our homes or electricity for our gadgets...we use fuel and energy that pollutes the atmosphere. We want to conserve nature and wildlife…yet our desire for big homes with land requires us to bulldoze and build over natural habitats, giving wildlife no place to live. Yes we all agree that this environmental destruction needs to stop…as long as it isn’t too expensive and we don’t have to give up our toys or sacrifice too much.

And though there are parts of the world that are starving... we agree that world hunger has to stop...but somehow food never gets sent to these places that need it most. Even though we are able to send bombs to other countries in a short time...food somehow never makes it there. Our country is filled with all-you-can-eat buffets, yet…there are people in the world who only have small amounts of grain to live off of. Feeding the hungry requires donations to charities from us. There is no one else. But we're having a hard time balancing our bills...so the hungry are the last on our list...but we know someone else will take care of them.

On the flip side, as Americans we agree that bad food and the lack of exercise is the culprit to our bad health, and the cost of health care is skyrocketing…we agree with ALL that. But we like our meat and potatoes, French fries, cheese snacks, and bacon. So maybe we’ll have a piece of fruit once in awhile. Or perhaps we’ll skip dessert, once a month. We agree we need to eat better…but we figure the doctor can fix anything.

And yes, we agree that society focuses on youth, discards the elderly and racial separation is unjust. But…do you know any elderly people? Do you have any friends who are of a different ethnicity? Do you have any friends outside of your interests, or age bracket or religious convictions? Well no…but we do believe in equality and being a good neighbor.

And as Christians, we all know how we have to love God and love each other. We are to be holy examples of Christ. We are taught to trust God with all of our needs. We are taught to love and heal and forgive all of God's people, to share with others and walk in His Spirit. But how many of us still doubt God to do His part, hold grudges, befriend only Christians, have contempt for a group of people we don't agree with, still believe that certain people will not receive God's grace, are materialistic, self-centered, self-righteous, complaining, and frustrated because God doesn’t seem to be granting our wishes? And though we believe in Jesus' teachings to "love our neighbor as ourselves"...we still gossip, backbite, yell at, spread rumors, assign stereotypes, distrust, fear, believe the worst about...our neighbors. Yet we do agree that Christians should be sweet, loving, caring, giving, selfless and forgiving.

We agree that our society needs to change.
"Society? Oh you mean me?"
Yes...we are oblivious to the fact that we are the ones responsible.

Why don’t things ever change even though in our minds we have found the answers to the secrets of life? Because though we strongly agree about how the world can be a better place…we don’t do much to change our behavior to match what we believe.

Because we think we have the right opinions, views, beliefs and answers…we think we have made it to the top...our job is done. We have found the solution, but then we pass the buck to someone else. Who is supposed to get this stuff fixed? Why…the President, or the government or the U.N., or the scientists, or the Pope, or car manufacturers, or doctors…someone else is supposed to fix this stuff. I certainly can't do it.

Like a king who likes to tell everyone else what to do…so he can relax and do nothing and go back to solving the problems of the world…we somehow have absolved ourselves from any personal responsibility in every aspect of our lives.

We like to tell everyone what the problem is….but then we don’t do any of the things we recommend to help solve these issues. What is it? Delusion? Apathy? Laziness? It doesn’t matter. All of our debating, arguing, agreeing and problem solving is a waste of time, until we take the second step and start doing something.

We need to reflect on our own lives and examine the chasm between our beliefs and our activity and inactivity. We need to educate ourselves, speak up, vote, volunteer, make amends, do our part, help out, share, participate, be proactive, donate…we need to just start doing what we so strongly agree about. And of course, there are some things that are beyond our control, but if each person did his part in the world, things might change. And yes, most of us DO try to be conscience and make little changes, but some things require MORE THAN just a "little change". Some things require a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Doing things in your mind is fine…but if you aren’t modifying your actions...it’s only in your head and it will stay there until you finally get out of yourself.

And though it may seem overwhelming...once we decide to align our beliefs with our actions and make changes here and there...our lives will become fruitful and our actions WILL change the world and ourselves for the better.


© 2006 Edrick

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